Cant buy liquidsky credits


i cant buy credits. And now ?


The service as it is currently is shutting down. You should have received an email about this. For more information see the following thread:


and now i cant play ? 17.12.2018 I can buy more credits ? Sorry i have delete my email adress i have new adress but i cant switch email here on liquidsky.


can you give me maybe little skycredits ? When i pay new skycredits i give you back. Pleasi year ?


You should be able to run the service on the clients until its closure date, as noted in the announcement. For any account matters you will have to reach out to staff either via support or perhaps DM here on the forums- I can offer you no more assistance in this matter as I am only a Moderator.


The sky computer is not launching, saying that it failed to connect. I’ve been trying for 3 hrs now. Does this mean that have you guys already stopped the service?


Depending upon the datacenter it may be full with users rushing to use their credits before the service ends. Perhaps try again in a little while.


C’mon man it’s been 6 hrs. Will i ever get to launch the skypc? I understand what you’re saying but isn’t there any other way to get into the server and play?


Keep in mind I’m only a moderator- I’m not staff in any regards with the service backend; and I’m not sure there’s much that can be done about this situation. I’ll try testing on my test account, will update with an edit when I’m done.


Please do man. ASAP.


Yeah- servers are definitely full- couldn’t get in on any tier: Gamer or Pro.


Likely, users are trying to burn off their remaining SkyCredits.


Maaan can’t i enter anyhow, i really want to play now…


Still i’m not able to launch the skypc. Please is there some way?


Don’t think so now sadly- see the post below:

You will likely have to reach out to support for a refund over here:


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AND NOW ? I will play. And google play i cant find download liquidsky ? How long ?


No idea- staff have their own internal roadmaps of course but nothing they will publicly reveal yet.


AUUUUUUUUUHHHH i will play not wait.