Can't connect to Frankfurt - Not enought rooms



I'm unable to connect to Frankfurt, I'm the only one?


looks like me too, both high and ultra options have endless skycomp starting. ~20 minutes ago experiencied lags, trying to restart ang got this


Thanks for your answer...
Now it tells me that it failed to start 3 times ago...


Now the android client seems mad...

Choice of plan, starting 5 seconds, choice of plan 5 seconds, starting five seconds....
No error messagen but seems can't connect.


I don't like the idea to reset my Skycomputer...


Have been a reset, but don't want start again...


Failed to Start the Server in Milan too!


No problems here, i can start a high profile machine in Frankfurt.


Now that I can't select any server to create new LiquidSky computer......


Same here to Frankfurt - can't connect three times in a row, delete your Skydrive... ?!?!?! :frowning:


Same Problem still at my computer! can't start three times in a row but can't remember that i've installed software! Anyone which solve this? I won't delete my computer!


The same here :,( don't want to reset my skycomputer. Apparently london, milan and sidney 's servers has same problem...


Personally I've reset my sky pc yesterday, and one hour after it reworks.


So it appears that the only way is to reset your skycomputer. Done that and everything is ok but I really hope that we will have some compensation for the disturbance.