Can't connect to NBA 2K servers


Back in August I purchased NBA 2K16 for steam solely for the purpose of playing it through liquidsky. Unfortunately I haven't been able to connect to the 2K servers, I've contacted 2K and they couldn't come up with a solution. More users have experienced the same problem on Reddit, one guy said he's able to connect to 2K servers when he's not using Liquidsky but that's the only way I can play NBA 2K16 since I have a Mac that wouldn't meet minimum requirements (Mac mini 2012/8gb of ram/ i5/ HD 5000 graphics). Please help


Thanks for bringing this to our attention,

Could you give us a little more details on how this is happening? Can you submit a screenshot and steps to replicate this problem, and are you playing NBA 2k16 on steam?

The more details you can submit to us the better.


i think Is the NBA 2K16 anti-cheat, whit other games is the same, like Rust


Error "efeab30c" comes up every time I start the game. When I contacted 2ksupport they couldn't find my 2K MyAccount for PC since I've never been able to gain access to the 2K servers. I've tried the "fix" that was suggested on their website with no success. Yes I am playing this on steam, I bought the steam code for the game from I'm able to play other games like "watchdogs" at ultra high settings online with other players and "stix" on steam. But with NBA 2k16 I can only play offline.


Maybe so, I've tried explaining to them that I am playing through the cloud with Liquidsky but they didn't respond. They asked what OS I'm running, I said windows 10 but I know that liquidsky uses the server version so maybe that has something to do with it.