Can't connect to Sao Paulo server


I'm from Argentina, but i can't connect to the Sao Paulo server. I click on Ultra and it keeps on "Your SkyComputer is Starting" some seconds, then it just goes back to the menu.


I think its a system wide issue. I'm unable to connect to my SkyComputer at the Washington DC server, and many others haven't been able to connect. LiquidSky is well aware of the issue. I'm sure they're working on getting it fixed.


i doubt they know about the issue right now but i think (hope) it will be fixed by sometime tomorrow.


They do... I've been in contact with them, and I'm sure they monitor the forums. Just because they haven't addressed it on here, doesn't mean they haven't read anything. I'm pretty sure they have server administrators and support staff even working on the weekends - likes most service providers.


Hi guys,my name is Patton and me too that can't connect to my skycomputer.I live in Thailand and the closest data center is Chennai,India and Hong kong.First I connect my skycomputer to Hong kong server then later I tried connect to Chennai server which is fine.But after a while,I couldn't connect to Chennai server.Same problem like leo.grasso2.So I tried restarting my skycomputer and come back to pick Hong Kong data center and it worked.But I wouldn't recommend for those who don't want to reinstall everything all over again since my sky computer doesn't have much files.Just a couple of games and an app.Just wait.March is coming and when the new skycomputer is released then it will go boom.Less problems,more gaming.