Cant connect to sky computer


I can turn my sky computer on but then it just says connecting and nothing happens. I have to shut down liquidsky and open it again and it says I can either connect or turn off the computer. Ive checked my internet speed and have 50mb for download and upload so dont think the problem is at my end. Its spent around 100 credits doing this and Ive got no where. Only managed to get it to work once.


Please contact Customer Support via


Can you try another network, maybe via mobile data?


to me the same happens to me, I can not connect through my laptop, but if I can connect to a desktop pc and also through my android phone.
I do not understand why I used to …
any ideas?

I use the laptop in my home … that’s the problem … I need it to work


Hi @nickdogan , you use the laptop in your home. How about the desktop and the android phone, are they also in your home?


Hi sunshine.
In my phone a have no problems.
The desktop is in other house. With a lowest internet connection and i
don’t have problems too.
I have to try to delete my skycomputer and the folder and nothing.
But yesterday and day before yesterday i can log in. I downloaded the
client with the explorer and its works.
I have to do that a few times… I dont know what the problem can be


If you use your laptop through work/office connection. Then, there could be the chances of firewall blockade and this could be the cause of your issue.
But, it should work in your home connection. Since, your desktop is having no issues using your home network.


Yes i try that way and now works. Thanks.

Grettings from Argentina :wink: