Cant find referral option


i cant find me referral code…theres no option for it


Hi Bikash0205,

Referral Codes are only available to users who have either purchased a Play As You Go plan or a monthly subscription. So referral codes are not available for trial and ad supported users.


Hi LiquidAries,

on 22.10. I bought my first credits on a PAYG-Plan and today I subscribed on a monthly plan, but I’m also unable to find my referral code (Windows, v.0.3.0).

According to this thread it was not available in 0.2.0, now we are on 0.3.0. Did it return in between the two releases or is it still a to do?


Hi Thorsten6,
In 0.3 if you click on your user profile image (top left of the application) it will bring up your account settings and the referal option is there in an orange box:

Let us know if you are able to see it!


Are you checking this from your phone/tablet? At the moment, you can’t see this on the phone/tablet yet. If you don’t have access to a computer, message me and I’ll give you your referral code.


Hi Thorsten6,

Looks like you still don’t have a generated Referral Code linked to your account. I will generate one for you and send it to you via PM.


@LiquidSkySunshine: I was checking from my computer, but @LiquidAries fixed it.

@LiquidAries: Thank you, it worked. Was it an issue with the account/referral-system or did I miss something?



You might have not generated yet your Referral code. It is generated once your click on that Refer a friend button on the profile page of the client.


Until you generated the key for me, the button was not avaible to me, so I could not click it.


Oh ok. Might have been a glitch on your account.


Same here, I don’t have a referral option either even though I am a Pay-As-You-Go user.


Hi BatmanD00m,

I have already generated your Referral code. Please check it on the profile page of the client.