Can't login to anything


Was using liquidsky almost flawlessly for the past several months on my windows PC and Galaxy S8, and now I’ve got the OnePlus 6T, and nothing works.

This phone is more powerful yet it always says servers are full anytime I try to start a game.

Doesn’t matter if it’s gamer or pro, steam, origin or blizzard, all says full.

I’ve factory reset the phone, logged out in all other devices, and have disabled my firewall on my router.

I’ve asked support for help, and did everything they suggested with no luck.

I’ve tried it on WiFi and on T-Mobile and nothing.

My WiFi is on the 5ghz band and I have roughly 300-500 mbs download (checked and verified on, and a couple others with the same results.

So, I’m turning to the community since the problem still exists.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :blush:


Have you tried to login during off-peak hours? With the beta about to close, people are using as many credits as possible now. I’m having trouble myself when I try to launch my SkyPC in the evening, for example.


Funny thing is, I log in flawlessly everytime from the PC client, but the Android client constantly says servers are full.

Even when they say servers are full on the phone, I can immediately try the PC and it logs in with zero issues.

It’s just strange and I’ve tried everything I can think of.


That is indeed strange. At the very least, you should be able to start your SkyPC in the PC client, then close the client, but leave the SkyPC running, and then access it from your Android.
This does look like a bug then, as if your phone can’t connect to the server properly. :thinking:


Tried that too. Always says servers are full lol. This thing should run liquidsky better than my Galaxy S8, if it ever is able to get on lol.

I emailed tech support and they told me the basic trouble shooting steps, which I’d already done.

I then gave the moderator my login information and he tried it and said it works. What he didn’t understand was that I know it works on any other device, just not the OnePlus 6T I have now, which makes no sense as every other OnePlus phone has worked as I’ve seen the videos on YouTube.

Guess I’ll just have to wait until they release a new patch or something


There won’t be any patch for the last remaining days. You are aware of the beta shutting down?


Yeah, got an email about it. So what is happening now that it’s shutting down? New price structure?


Completely new product, that’s about all we know. Strict NDA, must be something real big. :sunglasses:
That’s why they’re refunding customers, SkyCredits will be deleted, and all accounts closed.


Hmmmm… hopefully it’s worth it :beers::grin:


Considering how hyped they are - I’d guess so. :wink:
I mean, the service was working great for me in its current state, so if they improve it even more… :crossed_fingers:


Well hopefully it’s even better :beers: