Can't Pay my subscription


Im from chile and i tried to Pay my subscription vía Webpay and when i get to the bank info it says “the page cannot be displayed due to internal error” so, i can’t play:/ what can i do?


Are you sure that the payment method you are using is called Webpay? I can not find it.
Is it WebMoney maybe?
Does this happen every time you try?
Have you contacted Xsolla to see if they can help?


Yes, but in the payment methods you have to select “RedCompra/Transbank” in order to reach Webpay page, and no, i haven’t contacted Xsolla.

Btw, i’m using the liquidsky Android app to do the payment, idk if this has something to do with it


I have tried testing it but I do not speak Spanish and don’t have an account in the banks available or WebMoney so I can’t go through the whole process. Please try contacting Xsolla to see if they can help. Maybe they know the cause of this error.