Can't play the open beta For Honor


When I try to play a match in the open beta For Honor, the game kicks me out when it's about to start saying that I was reported for easycheat.
I don't have anything like that installed in my LS PC so I can't play the game.
Please answer fast


The tip you gave me don't work I still get the same error when I try to join a match


Seconded. I'm also having this problem. Fresh install and everything.


So after doing some research I came up with an answer. For Honor uses an anti-cheat system called easy anti cheat. This program prevents cheaters from running scripts to cheat in games. One of the things this anti-cheat program does is monitor and look for mouse emulation, since it is often used for aimbots and the like. Well, Liquid Sky uses mouse emulation to send your mouse input to the Sky Computer. This means that if you're using Liquid Sky you're SOL. You can't play this game on Liquid Sky because of the anti-cheat system will kick you after detecting hardware emulation. This means any other game that uses this particular anti-cheat program will not run either, Rust being one of them. This also means these games don't work with Steam in home streaming and other services that use mouse and keyboard emulation to send input over a network. There's nothing you can do. Liquid Sky is simply unable to play this game and other games using Easy Anti Cheat. Something to consider when purchasing games in the future.