"Capture" mouse in Android Client. Like on PC


Hi i have just bought a new phone, with OTG support. MOTO G4 Plus. :slight_smile:
But i have a question.
I know that you can "Capture" the mouse in the pc version.
I have already tried my old Phone. (Huawei y360) which does not have OTG-Support. And the mouse curser does always show.
BTW i used a paired bluetooth keyboard and mouse for this.
The problem is that, when i try to move around. It does not "Capture" the mouse inside the app. And therefore some games that i like to play alot like GTA-IV does not work properly, due to wierd mouse movements. :frowning:
So my question is.
Will OTG + Keyboard And Mouse make the mouse "Capture" Like in the PC Version of LiquidSky.
I have already bought a OTG-Hub / OTG-Dock.
It supports 3x USB-A
Thanks in Advance. :wink:


Bad news: Android apps cannot capture cursor at all.
Good news: You can connect wired controller via OTG and it should work on G4 (not sure really as Xbox gamepad didn't work on any Android phones I used, but it was almost 3 years ago).


related question i have sixaxis app in my s6 that allows me to pair mah old ps3 controller with mah phone been using it mainly for gear vr but if and when i get my paid acces to liquidsky does my controller work with it ?


Yes it work, i use my Dualshock 4 controller on my android TV and its the only one that works without problems :slight_smile:
If liquidsky would develop an andoird app for rooted devices then the mouse "capture" would work like the in Moonlight For Rooted Devices app.....


fantastic news dont need to go buy new controller then x)

speaking of android tv i assume u have the shield one ? how well does it work with this service im eyeing for one too since its kinda good replecemant for pc with liquidsky

(some backstory im planing to get rid of my gaming laptop and get some sort of stream machine to play with since this service if it works would be super ideal for meh)


Yes i have an Shield TV 500GB
It works "Ok", if you root the Shield TV and use your DS3 or a DS4 then its works very well :slight_smile:
You can use the Shield Controller (or other controller's) but with the left stick/dpad issue:

And some other little annoying things:

But if you have a DS3 or DS4 with rooted devices (If you use the sixaxis app no other bluetooth devices can connect only your DS3 or 4) and have a mouse to move the LS Icon away then its works very good :slight_smile:


oh oki good to know about the d-pad issue but if ds3 / 4 works then its oki.

rooting has never been problem for me "if i buy imma root" has been my motto ever since i discovered android