Change datacenter london



Is it possible to change datacenter? I am on london but the icon in my top right is red all the time I assume that is because my connection is bad with london. I lag quite a lot while playing WoW.

Can i try other centers?


Depends upon from where you’re connecting to be honest (we would just need to know general region in this case)- the only few datacenters in Europe that I know of off the top of my head are London or Frankfurt.


if im right the icon at the top is actually a connection status, when you fire up your skycomputer itll turn yellow (i thought it was a server status indicator too) im having a lot of lag issues too but it seems not to be network related as pings are low on all my tests, what is happening is im only getting around 20 decoded frames when the game is running at more than 40 which im guessing is the cause of the issues, im not sure if its network related or an issue with my system but that seems to be the root of the issue