Charged more points than i should be?!


I have three different LiquidSky accounts that i charge with points very often, but this is starting to feel like a scam.

I just charged up points again 2 hours ago, a full 3000 points on two different accounts.
I always use the 2 points per minute option so that’s 120 points per hour. I am at 2300 points on both of them 2 hours later. That’s 650-700 points down in 2 hours (almost 6 points per hour).

I double checked dates of my 2 transactions (paid through Skrill) to make sure i am correct on that.

I highly doubt it’s a “bug”, feels more like it was altered manually for me personally because i just used a different payment on a different IP/MAC for a new account and it works fine.

I really like your platform but if that’s how you run your stuff then i don’t want to be a part of it. I hope i’m mistaken though and it’s a bug that’s gonna get fixed…


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