Cheapest Client-Hardware to get LiquidSky on TV


What would be the cheapest way to get LiquidSky onto the TV? How much Local Latency is acceptable?(My Laptop has 30 sec. Local Latency on average)

It would be great if it could be done in under 100 dollars. :dollar:
I am looking forward to any ideas you have.


use a hdmi cable and plug that into your tv and also plug a controller into your laptop.


I use a nexus player which works great I have a wired xbox 360 controller plugged into it. They are discontinued but you can pick one up second hand pretty cheap. Someone one here said the intel compute stick is very good for liquidsky if you prefer the windows client.


Thanks for the answer. Didn't even think about that :smile:

But having to move my laptop together with the power- an hdmi- cable each time is a bit too much for a regular use.
A box with just enough computational power would be perfect.


Thanks for the answer.
Could you tell me a bit more about the performance? How high is your average latency? Especially the local latency would be very interesting.


Because the box runs on android I don't have the actual latency numbers and with the new version of liquidsky coming in a week or so there are a whole bunch of factors I have no idea if they'll work. I'd wait to buy until version 2 comes out and people play around with it a bit. But saying that my pc has latency at about 50ms. About 25 local and 25 network, on the nexus with a controller the latency seems to be less than that but as I said it doesn't give me actual numbers so it's just what I can notice with my naked eye

The thread about the compute stick:


if you don't own a pc at all, buy a fire tv or google tv they both have their own controller support options