Chromebook support?


The android app is not supported on my Chromebook 14 for Work even though it has android apps support. Any plans to change this?


We are in the process of updating the UI to better fit Chromebooks and will deploy to the play store when that’s done.

In the mean time, you can actually side load the app onto your Chromebook but the UI won’t be perfect.

Hope this helps!


Hey, is there a place for LS customers to keep abreast of these developments? My Chromebook is my alternative LS set-up for gaming on campus, this would be helpful.


As with the case of some things- new updates and things will be released when they’re ready to be release. It’ll come, just please bear with them as they work on it :slight_smile: (I would consider this thread necro [hence why I closed it] but at the same time I don’t blame you for necroing).