Chromecast Support


Will LiquidSky be on Chromecast?

When the Android app connects to a Chromecast device on your home network, your TV turns to a Desktop Gaming PC, and your phone turns into a controller, or use a Bluetooth controller (MOGA, etc.)

Plus, a co-op feature for some Steam games with connection to many phones, like in Just Dance Now and other Chromecast games.

How To Use Your Phone As Remote Control & Gamepad In Steam

That's a cool idea. Not sure about latency, but that's what we want, isn't it? Cast LS on our big TV screens. :sunglasses:


Keep those ideas coming. Although there might be some lag on your setup.


always remember theres an option in your tv settings if its smart tv


Good WiFi could stop lagging.


I'm casting both my S7 Edge and Note 4 on my Samsung TV and my FireTV, and I always get about half a second lag. But I don't know how Chromecast will behave.


Ian has discussed this before and he said the lag was far too great and recommended a shieldtv instead. I've personally used beta 1.0 on an androidtv device and the experience was great so hoping for the same with version 2.0's android app.


I've used chromecast it becomes totally unplayable when playing a game too much lag... Then it tends to disconnect probably coz it can't handle the process... I opted to buy a Nvidia Shield back in April still waiting for the Android release :cry:


I've casted on Roku its pretty good. Only 1 second lag


If it will work:wink:


Chromecast support would be an amazing feature, especially for those who might visit friends with a Cast enabled TV.
The phone would become a pocket controller / mouse trackpad.

Understandably theres concerns about lag / latency but I believe ethernet connected devices like Shield Tv or Cast enabled Smart TVs could handle live gamestreaming.

Please LiquidSky, just add that screencast button to the app, it would make me very happy.
Here, I made some pictures:

I believe in you LS, anything is possible :slight_smile:


Love those images @jonathanmason525 !!


I believe this was one of the things they wanted initially but the way chromecast works it introduces way too much lag and they dropped it.

Probably just have to wait for the androidtv app.


If you want to know, I was able to get the Android client running and using Samsung Smart View (cast the phone to my Samsung 4K UHD TV), no lag whatsoever (Phone running at 1440P, > TV 1080P). Only issue is that audio doesn’t work (audio sounds like garbage when audio output is beamed to the TV - it works if audio is on my S7 Edge tho)

Seems to be an Android client issue, and I doubt its my S7 Edge or my Samsung 4K TV, as any other app works fine (Hearthstone, Youtube Red, SiriusXM etc)

EDIT: Everything works but the audio (game is running at 60 FPS and all). At least its progress…


well im on microsoft wireless display adapter , which is basically Miracast. It costs around 40$. it works similiar to chromecast. At first it was very choppy, but after trial and error period , searching net i found that i needed change my router to 5GhZ (previously its been on 2,4 GHz) .now everything is smooth, but you probably need phone with 5 ghz wi fi. Finally i can get rid of my pc cause everything works on my smartphone like on pc LOL


I’m still waiting for native chromecast support. I assume that the goal is to skip the android device and have the video stream directly to the chromecast, illiminating lag. That would be truly awesome. I think that Google are planning something similar with Y***, so it’s best to get on it…


Edited your post a bit (generally please don’t mention competitors, detracts from the original intent of these discussion platforms), and please keep in mind that LS is a smaller company; when it comes to things of this nature it’s hard to code in new things that don’t break existing features/code.

Also going to lock this thread because it’s a bit old- generally try not to reply in threads older than about a week or so.