Client bug. Graphics is not loading correctly


Client error on loading. Graphics aren't placed correctly thus making it impossible to log in. This is happening on an Asus EeeBook X205TA. I have tried deleting the lib folder that seems to also install with the client and then doing a fresh install but that doesn't seem to work also. Any help on this would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

After running liquidskyclient.exe I get this error.

However, if I try to run the liquidsky.exe first, allowing it to check for updates I can get straight to the picture as shown in my previous post.

After typing blinding, I am able to log into my account but because the graphics are all over the place I am unable to go any further.

If there are any logs that I can send to help you understand this issue better, I'll go ahead and supply them :smile:

Thanks for the help in advance!
P.S. Multiple withdrawn posts as I just combined my two posts after being moved to basic level.


Just an idea check Intel HD Video Settings (because of streaming). Maybe turn all optimization in videos off and try it again!


Could you kindly go into detail on how to do this? I'm not quite sure how to do it :sweat_smile: Thanks for the advice though! Hopefully it will work.


Please have a look at one of my older posts:

Use right click on Desktop -> Graphic properties -> "Video" and turn any improvements off.