Client is illegible


I have a problem with the LiquidSky Client. The texts are somewhat corrupted, and I can't log in. Here's a screenshot:

How can I resolve this issue?


You're using windows 10 I assume?

Has windows recently performed an update or have you recently installed something?

You could try resetting your font settings:

Control Panel - Appearance and Personalisation - Fonts - Font Settings

Check the 'Hide fonts based on language settings' and click the 'restore defaults' button

Does that fix it?


I'm using windows 8.1
I have my Windows Update disabled.
I did reset my font settings as you suggested, and reinstalled the client. Sadly, that didn't fix it.
Thanks for your help so far though.


Hiya! I'm also having this exact same issue! I am also running on Windows 8.1. Have you found a resolution for this problem by any chance?


Whoa ... never seen that before. Possibly try turning your scaling to 100% and see if that fixes it. The app may not handle scaling well.


any1 got past this issue ? i just got the same issue
win 7


I would suggest ya all to re-install the client and make sure you delete the lib folder. It does a hardware test one time when it is installed and maybe just maybe that will fix it for ya guys. I hope so!

EDIT: Just bumping this to make sure it is fixed.