CloudGaming - YT Chanel about LiquidSky and Gaming


You Can check us here :slight_smile: Subscribe if like us ! Thanks a lot!

Just for example our Batman Akrham Asylum gameplay:


Looking great man! I'd love to see what other games you try out!

It would also be extremely beneficial, if you could post your game settings for others to replicate, in the Game Optimizations category! I'm sure users would be extremely happy to hear what you have to say about playing these games within LiquidSky!


Thanks a lot, Well i am looking into for the game settings but the best part of original games you just run them from steam (just for example) and they set them up. So I never meet with gramebreaking bugs on Liquidsky with these applications. Batman is Patched correctly in the past year. Almost normal plan cen run it with some tweaks. I will include these ones in the best forum :slight_smile:
Keep it up!


Livestreams on in everyday over youtube

Yesterday is the first dayand it was really fun :slight_smile:
We do God Eater / Gwent, you can rewatch them here:

God Eater part1:
God Eater part2:

You can check our streams in every day :