Cog symbol in client meaning and possible issue?


Can anyone tell me what the cog symbol in the client means? normally you see what I assume to be connection quality to the server the bar one, and the cog beneath it which I assume is something like computer power or something? they both score as N/100 but I cannot find any info on what it actually means.

The other part of this is that if it does indicate computer power or something akin to that I get a baffling result. So I have 2 graphics cards, one is the onboard intel graphics card and the other is a geforce 860m, it has optimus so it will generally use the right graphics card per app but you can enforce which one it should use if you need to.

Now the odd thing here is if I use the LS client with the Geforce card and use CUDA (tried DXVA and Software too), the cog symbol says 50/100 and the mouse movement is a bit laggy, other than that it is ok though. If however I use the onboard intel card 4600 with DXVA the cog goes up to 76/100 and there is virtually 0 mouse lag and it generally seems to run smoother, HOWEVER if I press F11 (as I tend to shrink the client and minimize it when I am waiting for groups etc), with the onboard graphics card it shrinks the window but the desktop is just black and I cannot interact with it.

So I am a bit baffled as I would have expected the Geforce to have better quality, but it seems to be less, and I would just use the onboard graphics card as it performs better, but then I cannot F11 window (basically alt+tab style user behaviour).

Any information/advice on this would be great.


In regards to F11 resulting in black desktop, I find that toggling back and forth a few times will fix it. I.e. press F11 multiple times until you see your desktop.

I have an Intel HD 4600 iGPU, like you do. I also have an Nvidia GT 750M dGPU, but last time I tried it (using CUDA), I don't recall any noticeable performance difference. I only tested briefly though (to see if it would prevent the freezes I and others experience; it didn't). But, I think it generated more heat since I could hear the fan kick in sooner and louder than with the iGPU.


I did try F11-ing a few times but it just wouldn't fix it, again not too fussed as I believe the new client should solve a lot of these problems, also the screen res on this laptop is 3k so I am not sure if that factors into it as I know some apps lose their minds when the res is over 1080p


Ah, sorry, forgot I have my resolution set to 1080p even though my screen is natively 3200x1800, so that might make a difference.