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I would remake Blaster Master and make it 3D :smiley:


Because I would like to see the game if it were in actual HD


The first release of Final Fantasy in 3D would be great. The story was epic, If all would be put into a game as it is in modern day game physics it would be great! Or greater!! No maybe the greatest of the year!!!


Any of Sierra’s Kings quest/Space quest games. Those are my absolute favorite, I love point + click/ text adventure type games.


If i get a chance to remake one game then it would be “Prototype / Prototype 2”, it was a huge hit on it’s launch and was the open world game of my choice. it had a great storyline with unique missions (sad to know the series is discontinued). missions were interconnected and made sense to the whole storyline unlike any other open world game. i would love to see the remake of this beautiful game. :blush:


Metal Gear Solid, greatest game imo, got me in gaming on my PSX, it impressed me at the time with it’s graphics, game mechanics and above all story telling.


DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3


I would go with the very first Shenmue. I know that part 3 is on the way, but the 1st chapter is priceless, with that amazing atmosphere the narrow Japanese alleys, and the great story.


Impossible Mission on the C64, but I’d keep the original sound though.

“Stay a while… stay FOREVER!!!”


Yeah! My favourite suggestion so far. :grinning:


Probably sw bf2 the old one. but this time i hope they would get it right.
Or lotr bfme2 best game ever!


“Ugh!” because helicopting “homo something” from place to place is best job ever


I would redo the rockstar game Bully, and update its graphics and make it a multiplayer so that you and your friends could immerse your self in one a classic game


I know there is an hd version but it is just too bad,it would be awesome to have a nice quality remake
Shrek 2(if you think mdk 2 doesn’t qualify because the hd version)
It was made 2 days before my birthday :slight_smile:
I loved it as a kid


NFS PORSCHE 2000, becouse it’s the best game in series for me.


Harvest moon (DS). I loved the game and art style but it was only playable on the DS so I’d love to see the developers bring the game back with a new storyline, multiplayer even. The game was also one of my most played games from child hood.


Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders since it was one of my first games looooong ago


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