Concerns with the Origin client


Hello LiquidSky,

The Origin Client thing keeps users on the alert for a very long time. At the moment there is no way not to ruin your Sky computer by installing the Origin. None of the workarounds I am aware of are effective. Now I see a very beautiful and elegant email (aboveboard) from LiquidSky, that suggests me to get a Battlefield 1. Why?

LiquidSky- a leader of the cloud gaming. One of the main purposes is to provide a high performance gaming on low end devices- that makes me think that by sending that kind of an email you want me to buy the Battlefield 1 and install the game on my Sky computer.

I know you are aware of the Origin issue, but in the email you suggested to hop on board the Battlefield train. Questionably, isn't it? The game requires Origin client, that completely ruins user's Sky computer yet it is "trendy" and you are offering me to get it. The situation looks confusing and misleading.

I can't wait for the new LiquidSky release, because the Origin issue is a humorless pain in the ass. I miss my game library and mostly SW: Battlefront and BF4. It is a shame there wasn't any fix released.

UPDATE: I found the solution to save your Sky computer with the Origin client installed on it. If you are interested in the workaround let me know.

Please excuse my roughness, I tried to write down my concerns plainly.


I'm sure this is a genuine concern for all that want to play EA games. I myself have just stopped using it which is not a solution at all.

To me personally they seem to marketing like it's already march, which we are all aware it is not. With the big push on battlefield in the CES conference perhaps they have a fix that is on the new liquidaky computers but that is still a month without origin.


I hope so too bro. Let's wait and see


Just to keep you updated, I was able to start my Sky computer after installing the Origin on it by making an outbound rules and disabling some of the Origin services. Everything works as it supposed to work, but for how long.


Is it possible to install Origin, install games, and then uninstall Origin?


There were screenshots showing ads on Google Adwords, on which LS offers to register to get a beta key for free, which is impossible right now. So yeah, their marketing policy looks quite questionable.


They are upgrading everyone to windows 10, and origin works fine on that without the bugs, or so they say.


Possibly, but the issue is that Origin is binding to port 80 and locking it during startup. Even on Windows 10, this would still happen. Unless LiquidSky changes to a custom TCP port (which is not only logical, but frankly normal), this will keep happening every time Origin updates.

EA is not going to change their client for LiquidSky - at least not until LS becomes a LOT bigger and gains a lot more clout in the gaming industry. I'm afraid LS will need to code around them.