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Hi, I think you are mistaken about the ip address and geolocation not mattering. I decided late last night 03:00 AM to download the latest Liquidsky and install it and pay for the one time fee. Now the skycomputer did freeze while I was installing cfosspeed on it and I did have to restart it. After restarting it, I started chrome and went to , I noticed right a way that the test server was out of Amsterdam. I live in Denton Texas, and was connected to the Dallas server. Before the crash I did a speed test and got high numbers, the test after the crash was around 35 Mbs . That’s when I decided to check the IP of the skycomputer. said it had IP, and showed on a map someplace in Switzerland. After shaking my head at that I went to/ and it said my IP address was also But its map said I was in Amsterdam Netherlands. That IP number also caused Steam to use its server in the Netherlands to download from. When I exited from the skycomputer I use the home button, which brought me back to the Liquidsky client, where I verified that it said I was connected to the Dallas server. AT that point I closed down the skycomputer If I get the same tonight, I will delete the skycomputer and make a new one.and try again.


It’s just that most IP test programs/sites put you on the wrong server bc the IBM Softlayer IPs are wrongly geolocated.
Just select a server near your current data center manually. I’m on London data center for example, and keeps telling me I’m in Kansas. But when I chose a London test server, I get 2 ms ping. :slightly_smiling_face:


@dontran726 it is a chinese 14" notebook.
n3450 processor, 4gigs ram, intel hd 500…


Yeah, like you said. It does look like a steam issue. This is out of my scope as a moderator (we’re just regular users like you who help out the community wherever possible but don’t have access to any of the more technical tools).

In this case, you might want to open a ticket with LS support here:

and also consider opening a thread over on the Steam community/open a support ticket with Steam in case it is an issue solely with Steam (meaning this issue can occur on normal PC’s and not just one’s like Liquidsky).


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