Congratulations To Our "Unlock The Sky!" Beta Key Winners!


Congratulations to our Beta Key Giveaway Winners!

LiquidSky would like to take a moment to thank all of our users for their entries in our "Unlock the Sky" Beta Key Giveaway Contest!

We had an unprecedented turnout with thousands and thousands of users signing up for their chance to win an exclusive Beta Key!

For those who were fortunate enough to win, please refer to our post below for further information on redeeming your Beta Key!

While this may have been our last Beta Key Giveaway, we still have plenty of additional surprises lined up as we set up and prepare for our Grand Launch On March 7th!

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Happy Gaming and see you in the Sky!


I've 13 enters on the site, but did not get any mail
How so?
I'were wait to get the key for more than about a month and hope to get the key to please.


There were thousands of users with multiple entries. Sure their entries were removed when they got a key, but that still leaves thousands of users trying to get 1 of 500 beta keys. You were just unlucky.


If you had more than seven entries you were just creating competition for yourself.


That's not how statistics work, mate.


I'd say it's about probability.

Care to enlighten me?

I contend that anyone who does not cheat by inviting creates either a zero sum when the invitee does not get more entries himself or diminishes his own chances if the invitee does.

Of course the inviter's own chances are less diminished than those of the others who don't create invites. He at least gets the one entry out of it.


the best argument ever :smiley: lol


Yes you can hurt yourself by inviting others but only if the invited have more entries than you. So long as they have less entries than you, your chance still goes up, even if only marginally, considering the thousands who tried their luck. Also for every selected person, all of their entries were removed before the next pick, meaning the chance to get a key went up at a higher % than just removing the one entry, this until all 500 keys were sent.


Makes sense


Imagine the following scenario:

There is one key and two persons who want it.
Each has seven entries. Each has a chance of fifty percent.

Now one person invites someone and the invited person gets seven entries too.
The entries are now 8 - 7 - 7 .
In your argument you said it is okay so long as the person who was invited still has less entries than you. That is the case here.

Your chance to get the key went from 7/14 to 8/22.

This is applicable even if the invited person gets two entries - probability of your win goes down. If the invitee stays at one, your chances don't change at all.


After thinking about it - you are actually right though.
As soon as the number of total entries is in a certain relation to the number of available keys, the single additional entry you create for yourself increases your chances. It does when it is larger in relation to the points you already have than the added entries of your invitee are in relation to the number of total points.

I could try and explain more to anyone who is interested but I am sure most of you are done with this little thought. :wink:
Bottom line - if there are many people participating, you should absolutely go for those extra invites.


Can someone clarify if this is the NDA beta or the regular Beta?


I'm pretty sure it's a regular beta, and anyone with the regular beta will get the pre-release with all the free plans a week before everyone else.


Thanks for the clarification sam. I was afraid I missed the NDA beta.