Connection issue [SOLVED]


I am trying to connect for few days and unable to connect. I have a monthly plan. What’s the point of service that you can use it when you need. I don’t have time to wait for days to be able to play a game.


Could you be a bit more specific please? Like, what are your system specs & OS version? Was it working before and stopped only recently? And which steps have you talen so far to resolve the issue?


Just simply can not launch a skyComputer. Stuck on launching SkyComputer and comes back after few minutes, unable to launch SkyComputer. I have been using the same computer for very beginning and it used to work. I have tried it after a while now it is unable to connect.


I have deleted the SkyComputer and now it is working again


Glad you got it working, was about to suggest exactly that. It’s a rather brute force method, but usually does the trick.