Constant freezing


I'm using LiquidSky primarily to play ARK: Survival Evolved since it murders my computer. I run it on Ultra mode, and everything seems fine for about the first half hour, then LiquidSky begins to quite literally freeze for about two seconds, every ten seconds.
I've tried lowering the game's quality and LiquidSky's quality settings, but nothing seems to stop the freezing.
All help is appreciated.


yeah this is normal for liquid sky, happens on battlefield 1, on grim dawn. I think it is a load balancing issue. You can always try to change data center.


Not exactly sure how to do that.


I do think you can get some hits from youtube videos on Liquidsky optimization for Overwatch, LOL etc.


Unfortunately the only way to change Datacenters is to DELETE your sky computer and then it gives you the option to start a new one at the location of your choosing.