Constantly re-downloading [SOLVED]


I feel like every time I load up liquid sky, I have to always download the games I thought I should have on my sky computer already. Not only that, I am using sky credits to do this. This is probably the 3rd time I had to re download games I want to play remotely and I am getting sick of this. Why can’t my downloaded games stay on my sky computer? And why is my credits being burned to download games I thought to already have?


You’re most likely on Beginner plan (one-off, no subscription). In this case, you have to start your SkyPC at least once inside a 7 day period. If not, it will be deleted. This is to prevent waste of expensive server resources by leaving users.
It’s enough to launch the SkyPC, burn 1 credit, and shut it down again.


Looking at your sessions, I can confirm that what @Xelasarg said is the case. Just fire up your SkyComputer before 7 days passes and you’re good.


Thank you for clearing that up. I will do as suggested or get a sub.


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