Controller disconnects after screen rotation



It’s basicly title. If I rotate my screen by aito-ratote function of my phone, controller disconnects from sky-computer and no longer responds to any input except “start” and “O” buttons.
Turning controller Off\On does not help
Sometimes if i rotate from 1 to infinity times it starts working, but its rare situation, most of the time i need to shutdown the computer and start it again.

I’ve already reported about this bug, but i was told it’s my custom OS issues, so now, after flashing latest stable official Android 8.1 for my Xiaomi MI A1, i’ve tested it and got it again.

Is this my controller issue?

I am using Ipega PG-9077
It’s bluetooth controller

Am i the only one with this issue?


Hmm- specific phone specifications? Might be your hardware, though you shouldn’t have any issues as far as I know (@Xelasarg or @dontran726 would be better help than me here).


I did have serious issues with my iPega 9025 (screen spinning wildly). Seemed to be controller related though, as it’s got a weird config. It never really worked 100% in any game, I always had to fiddle with button remappings, or even edit cfg files (for example in Half-Life 2).

I ended up buying a new controller, a GameSir G4s, which is really great (Xbox controller clone), and working out of the box with LiquidSky, and every other game/emulator so far.

I never did have disconnection issues though, so I can’t tell if a new controller might fix it. Easiest check would be to try this on another phone, or test another controller on your phone (maybe borrow one from a friend?).


I wonder if it has anything to do with Bluetooth. That’s not a brand sold in the US, but a lot of devices don’t have a separate antenna for Bluetooth and WiFi which can cause some issues. Do you have the ability to plug the controller in and see if that fixes the problem?