Cost to run per day?


I live in australia and was wondering what the cost to run it per day? I like to game alot, and was wondering how much it would actually cost to play multiple hours per day.


In the new plans... you can watch ads to get up to 3 hourse of gametime a day and if you pay about $13.50 a month you can get another 2.5 a day... that's if you game every day on the weakest skycomputer.

That's alot if video game playing.


How many hours per day does that 9.99 plan give you? I dont have the best laptop, and dont want to be spending like 200+ a month on this.


The $9.99 USD plan gives you 4800 skycredits a month and it's your choice how to use them. There are different tiers of skycomputer that starts at 60 skycredits an hour.

There will be more expensive plans apparently, but they are yet to be announced.