Could i play Blackdesert online SEA sv on liquidsky?


As question, i confuse if there is BDO SEA in liquidsky. I cant find a game list


If it’s not on this list here:

It doesn’t mean that it can’t run on this service, but nobody has tried it yet, or they’ve tried it but haven’t reported it yet.


Yes i dont wanna waste money on plan if liquidsky not support BDO SEA sv


You can refund the game on Steam if your total playtime is less than 2 hr’s if it ends up not working


But this game not on steam. Which on steam are NA n EU sv but SEA. I heard someone said liquidsky can run SEA but not sure


I’m not sure if it’s different from the regular game other than the fact they might have different content. BDO NA works just fine and we even did an optimization video. I can confirm this was the the BDO launcher and not through Steam.


Yup you can play BDO SEA. I have played maybe over 100 hrs without any issues.


I can confirm that bdo works perfect!


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