Counter Strike: Global Offensive Staff Challenge


It’s time for another staff challenge!

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Last month, you guys (and gals) cast your votes and picked Counter Strike: Global Offensive as the next game for the Staff Challenge. We’ve changed it up a little bit, so here’s how it’s going to work:

There is only going to be one team this time - five (5) players and three (3) subs for a total of 8 people. If the community team wins, all eight players will receive 5,000 SkyCredits. If you do not already have a LiquidSky account, you will also receive one month of free access along with your 5,000 SkyCredits.

Challenge will take place at 9:30 AM EST on Thursday, January 18th. Teams will be picked on Tuesday, January 16th. Be there or be square.

Sign up through the blog link below.

The Community Team *

Starting Lineup

The Bench

*LIST UPDATED ON 1/17 @ 12:37 PM



Well, R.I.P me, i can’t play thursday, but well, gl to the selected team and the liquidsky staff :wink:


What about people like me that are at school? Can you move the context time to the afternoon? Or maybe move the day…


Aren’t you located in Europe? That’s 3:30pm CET, I hope you don’t have to stay at school that long? :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah good… I read AM, Not PM… So I thought I should just be entered to school… Very well! Thank you


It is 9:30 AM EST - so that’d be in the morning for us and 3:30 PM CET if you’re in Europe.

We have an international community, so this is the first morning session to accommodate some of them. Also, some of our staff in Russia want to join in :wink: .

There will be more staff challenges! Maybe we’ll go back to Overwatch next :thinking::thinking::thinking: .


Cool. Sign up and destroy them!
(Sorry @liquidskymorgan :wink:)


Bloody hell…This is a midnight game for me!


You guys should record the game play so everyone can see :smile:


…the date is also when I’m probably unavailable. Takes a miracle for me in order to watch the livestream, let alone participate ._.
If it were only on the 19th or 20th :frowning:


Yeah unfortunately i will still be in school at that time, so, i will not participate in the Staff challange, so, gl hf to everyone


Don’t worry if you can’t make this one - there will be more challenges to come!


Ill be available to play then.


I wish i could if liquidsky csgo wasent unusable on android.


Cam I borrow your CSGO for play, my game got corrupted


Would play if Liquidsky wasnt allowed me to play without Latency, If any mods see this please check out my thread, Would love to join if i can get this problem solved Extreme Latency


Oh yeah, I’m also gonna ask, where IS the server being hosted?
Question asked because I’m all the way in HK…probs gonna have some serious ping issues :frowning:
Fingers crossed LiquidMorgan will delay the challange 1-2 days. 1 day at least cuz friday. but still, will be nighttime for me. Unlucky me!


Sadly LS is based in New York if memory serves me well, so ping could be an issue for you. Although I do remember on Warframe one day I was connected to a guy in HK I think, and he/she had no problems (this is with me being a client and this individual hosting). Try running a speed test to New York, could be bad but who knows? :wink:


Can VPN help me? I’m desperate :frowning:
Really want to play CSGO with the staff
Also, still fingers crossed for 1-2 days delay