Counter Strike: Global Offensive Staff Challenge


A VPN would probably not help you. You’d have latency on top of latency. That would make it at best sluggish. At worst you get a rubber-banding slideshow


oh shucks… :frowning: this is sad day for me.
next time host in asia?
or no?
I’'m sad tho

welp, hopefully I’m on the substitute team so i still get that sweet, sweet 5K skycredits
also, I think staff mentioned 1 month free use of liquidsky? or am I wrong.


The free month is for poeple that have a free account


wait, does it mean ppl who just signed up for free gets a free month?
also, can we activate it at any time?


What that means is like, imagine, i have a friend that plays cs:go, but doesn’t have a liquidsky account, he creates a account and joins the staff challange, if he wins, he get’s 5000 credits and a free month , after that month, even if he has credits, he won’t be able to use them, until he buys a plan


I’m in, just signed it. Looking forward to head-shot some of the staff!! :slight_smile:


…? you HAVE to buy a plan in order to use skycredits?


also, i joined a week ago. do I still qualify for the free 1 month? or do I just get 5000 skycredits.

IF I get chosen, which is today :slight_smile: good luck everyone.


what news of the selection? it’s nighttime at my place.


I will record it and upload this on my channel


…Wednesday now. Team Selection? Pls delay it 1-2 days, Morgan ;(


The teams were alredy selected, but morgan forgot to change the title, if you go to the first post, you will se the team
The Community Team
Starting Lineup

The Bench


ah nice…oh…I’m not on there :frowning: welp okay. thanks though.


I’m sorry about that, i hope you get selected in the next staff challange


Actually, there is a link the participants can share from inside the game that allows CSGO owners to replay the game from every perspective. It would be nice to get that link so you can switch perspectives during rounds. There might also be an option to share a link so people can watch it live.


Bah, the time for me is midnight. might as well catch some Z’s and rewatch the stream in the mornin. Good luck to everyone who got selected!


csgo can play on android ??? i think it very hard to play :<



The list has been updated with your names. I’ll be sending a private message, so please confirm if you are able to make it!


When is the match planned for, CET (Central European Time) ?



Google makes that pretty easy for future reference :wink: .