Counter Strike: Global Offensive Staff Challenge


So the 24th jan at 3.30 pm right?


Tomorrow. [20 characters]


I’m from Eastern Europe, tell me, how many hours will it all start?) Thank you.


Just use Google! I don’t know your timezone.


Ohhh, i can’t join tomorrow at 3.30. im still at school until 4.50…btw today is wednesday


Yeah, it’s tomorrow. Google was being silly, but I just screen capped it since the time is the same.


Im very sorry but im still at school at 3.30, is there any way to change it to like 7.30 or 7?


I’m curious, what are your ranks?

I’m Gold Nova 2 and I blame my CPU for that. :smile:


Good luck and have fun to you all who got chosen. Also, if I may…If one of them can’t make it, can you add me to the sub team :wink: ?


Would it not be a better idea if the staff focused on development and fixing bugs instead of playing games?
You should improve the service, not waste time on stupid challenges and other nonessential stuff. I feel like you don’t really give a rats arse about your costumers. Have you forgotten who pays your salary, because if this continues more people will jump ship!


@Rene34 With our devs working extended hours and making themselves available on the weekends, an hour or so of gaming with the community isn’t such a bad thing. It allows you guys (the community) to interact with the team and see that we’re people too. Building engagement within the community is important - we aren’t just some big shell of a company that doesn’t care about the community. We want you guys to have fun and offer opportunities to interact with us, just like we want to interact with you.

It’s important to keep in mind that the devs and everyone at LiquidSky are all people - we eat, sleep, and work hard. Any company will tell you that building culture by rewarding employees leads to better productivity. We want to be happy and we want you to be happy as well.


Sorry for being so late. I’m not disqualified right?
So we should start in about 2 hours, right? How do we do it, what’s the server?


@Rene34 Wow, your comments are completely unnecessary and not helping to improve the community in the slightest. You’re entitled to think whatever you want to think, but know that we are humans. While you might not care about us or being a part of the community, others do.

I’m not going to sit here and justify our decisions to you, but consider this an official warning. I welcome feedback, but keep it constructive. If you’re going to be toxic, keep it to yourself.


Please ignore him, he’s obviously salty he can’t play for free anymore. These types of people are best left ignored.


Aww, we already finished! Game started at 9:30 AM EST. D:


Shit, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it in time. :frowning: Who won?


If you wan’t to join the conversation then you should stop assuming what you know nothing about, I have payed for all my gaming on this platform, so I have every right to be complaining!


You’re not complaining, you’re just being an asshole to the staff.
They’re people too so they can have fun - who are you to tell them otherwise?


Well you think that complaints about your service not working is not constructive? People lose credits and you couldn’t care less, that is the impression we get as costumers!
You should try to address the questions and complaints in a professional manner and not just using the same lame old excuses as of 6 months ago. You think it is constructive to not address the problems your users are facing? Remember that without paying costumers you will not survive as a company.


Please go wash your filthy mouth with something really corrosive!! And who gives you the right to be abusive and calling people a**holes. Get a life dude, there’s a whole world outside, you might try to leave your room for a bit and get some fresh air!!