Counter Strike: Global Offensive Staff Challenge


I’m not providing any excuses. Your complaint was that you wanted us working instead of engaging with the community. I gave you an answer. Should we also not take lunch breaks?

You’re making assumptions about things you don’t have insight into. That’s not constructive. The way you’re voicing your complaints isn’t constructive either. People lose credits? When? How? I know I’ve personally taken care of lost credits when it was an error on our side. If you have a legitimate issue, present it in a constructive manner.

You complain that nothing changes. I have months worth of patch notes that say otherwise. You guys voiced your concerns about all the games not working. We’ve moved to fix that. Community asked for more chances to earn SkyCredits? Staff Challenges became a thing. Every bug reported is looked at. It isn’t an instant thing. It’s not like we have a “fix bug” button. Hours or days of work go into fixing some of these bugs. We have a team of 10-15 devs working nearly around the clock (and around the world) to continue to improve the service for you guys.

And @sopranostony1 - let’s keep this positive. No need to fight fire with fire.

EDIT: @Rene34 for the sake of not hijacking this thread, feel free to reach out to me directly if you want to talk further. I have an “open door policy,” so if you want to talk, I’m all ears.


This service is in beta, so it has a lot of bugs, you can either choose to wait for liquidsky to be less buggy, or quit liquidsky and go to other cloud gaming services, when you bought a plan at liquidsky, you should’ve considered that this service is still in beta, so, the decision now is yours


Well you could start by reading my posts of yesterday and today, there’s all the info you’ll need, if that’s not to much to ask for…

I tried to connect many times and the SkyC starts but no connection ( videofeed ) and I’m getting charged credits. That has happened many times before and it seems that you aten’t able to fix it, so I wan’t to know if I get the credits reimbursed, if not and the problem persists I will assume my right to complain again and again until you get the problem fixed!!!


I already replied to your other thread. Feel free to pick it up there.


Oh my, tell me something I don’t already know. Yes it is a beta, and I can live with the occasional bug or two, but when the same bug persists for months and months without being addressed, I will complain again and again.
And when it is a beta LS should also be aware of many complaints if their software “steals” credits.

But if LS prefers that we just act like complacent fanboys and not interact, then fine by me, but the service will never leave beta, less be profitable for the company.

Anyways, I hope that someone has a little respect for the costumers and actually want’s to make this service usable for all, then and only then will you be relived of all the stupid ignorant complainers.