Credit for the new liquid sky


so I just wanted to know how much credit u will got for gamer plan monthly because u didn't mention it in your presentation if anybody know please answer it

Thanks :smiley:


If you choose gamer plan. You will received 80 credit per month.
if you haven't used up, the remaining credit will accrue to the next month.
that's all I know. ^^


That is for the current version though, when the update comes 1 current skycredit is gonna be 60 new skycredits and the numbers are gonna change also for the plans


What will happen to my current skycredits because soon my subscription will run out so will my remaining skycredits be transferred or?


They will remain and will be recalculated at the new rate in March. As far as I know, after the expiration of the subscription service can be used with a reduced disk space.