Crysis on LiquidSky, runs smoothly or not?


Hello, the question is in the title,
Someone have tried Crysis on LiquidSky (normal or ultra?)

Thanks for your feedbacks!


I've seen a bunch of people talking about this, yes crysis runs great on liquid sky especially in ultra mode, but it all really matters on you computer and how good your internet connection is


Thank you, so I can buy it without risk.



How is that even a question?
I can run Arkham Knight maxed out (ULTRA server), of course it will run a 8 years old game, even on the high package.


Crysis 2 works on full details :stuck_out_tongue: Probably 1 also


Crysis 2 runs fine on ultra settings on the high performance servers so I am sure Crysis 1 would do as well.