Cyberpunk 2077 48 minute reveal trailer


Check this out, I’m still blown away by the trailer. What are your thoughts?

Btw, judging by the specs floating around the internet, the game should run on LiquidSky. :crossed_fingers:


Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus also must be run on LS, but its not work


That’s a driver issue sadly- while working on the update staff had run into issues at scale- it had to be sent back to Nvidia.


Oh, thank you for explanation :slight_smile:


My life has purpose…Finally :smile:


You know this games gives me Deus Ex Invisible War Vibes and has me hyped enough that I’m saving up to build a PC to run this game specifically that’ll have the 20 series gpu’s


Yeah man, It’s the only game I’m currently excited about.
Cloud gaming companies like Liquidsky should help boost gaming software sales which in turn should result in better games…hopefully.


This game will be awesome on LiquidSky, let’s hope that when it is released we can play flawlessly!