Dallas Data center is down for 3 days?


I have been trying to get into dallas Liquidsky data center both ultra and high, from 3 days but it doesn't work, I even tried at 3 am and 6 am, still the servers are full, and it's been like this for past 3 days, for god sake fix it

And please give a ETA when it will be fixed, cause it has been 3 days now..


I need help helloooo???


Weird that the outage/overload is not visible on the datacenter map,
It seems that the map is not working and is a static map.


It's not working for past 4 days, Mexico data center is working.


they dont update the datacenter map. they only do if a new datacenter starts up.


It might be a false indication, I have been able to get high and ultra instances in Dallas every day in the past week without any wait. Maybe delete your SkyComputer and try again?


I'm experiencing the same issue, still today. I get that this is a beta service and so the service shouldn't be relied upon. But a short message to subscribers would go a long way.


Yea I have this problem and I am wondering if there is a way to connect to a different data center.


https://liquidsky.tv/en/data-centers - Dallas on an orange circle, which means - "Maintenance / Full". I think on a server in Dallas LS to test and development a new client, or this is the first data center that runs the equipment upgrade.


Hey everyone,

We are currently undergoing server maintenance within our Dallas Data Center.

We will update you with further information and relevant updates as soon as it becomes available.

Please be remain patient, as we finalize our maintenance and resolve this issue.