Dallas server issues?


Anyone having issues logging into dallas servers its been 2 days and today that i try to get in at different times and they're never open High or Ultra are "full" ...or maybe its just me not sure...hasn't been working for me now.


Hi, same problem here 2 days now can't play on this data center


It is 1:43AM in the central time of the Unites States and I cannot access it either through High or Ultra. I think something is wrong with the server.


Their full or having server maintenance https://liquidsky.tv/en/data-centers


Ok cool so it's just not me then, yeah I doubt they're full all the time because I keep trying and can't get it I try different times and same thing.... this is day 3 now.


I really wished they separated full and maintenance because the current way just doesn't make sense. You don't know if it is full for sure or if it is down for maintenance.


Yeah they should separate the two that way we know what's going on, but going on 3 days that I can't login is kind of discouraging I can imagine March launch with all new users I feel it's going to be even more overwhelmed but who knows I love the service tho...


3rd day in a row and still can't access it. Was hoping it would start working before I took my trip today but to no avail. Guess I will have to wait even longer.


Hey everyone,

We apologize for the delay, but our Dallas data center is in fact, under maintenance in preparation for our upcoming update in March.

The servers are being updated for increased performance and implementation of Windows Server 2016 for our official release in early March.

We ask that our users please be patient as we finalize the maintenance as soon as possible. An announcement will be made as soon as we have finished maintenance on the Dallas DataCenter.

Thanks and we apologize again for the inconvenience~


Awesome!!! worth the wait! Thanks Justin!


Just happy to hear an update before deciding to delete and migrating to another location.


Hey @LiquidSkyJustin is that going to be the new NDA feature that we will get to test?