Dallas-Very bad quality?


Hi, I used to connect to the Dallas server just fine since like last week at full quality. Now after the servers had major issues since the weekend; I can't get crap for quality. Fix please? Thanks.


I was beginning testing this service this weekend.
I also experiencing very bad service quality, i use the London location.

I dont know if this is due the same situation, that since the weekend the quality is bad or its default this way for me.
The ping seems good 17 ms network latency and the client says 92/100 score on network the network quality.

but the graphics artifacts and mini freezes during gaming are killing me.
Maybe i need to contact support to do some trouble shooting.


Well I resolved my problem by removing the check in the Auto quality box and turning the quality all the way up. This seems to resolve my problems with picture quality. I too was getting good network quality so you may want to try this.


Hey guys,
Sliding Quality up will increase bandwidth usage and sliding quality bar down will decrease it. Depending on your bandwidth availability you can increase or decrease it if you are not using Auto checkbox.



True but him and I reported good network rates so that why I suggested raising the slider to max removing the auto check box. LS messed something up so the auto doesn't work right. I had almost no quality according to auto but I could safely max it and the quality is now very good without a network problems.


I'll note that I see this same thing even when just scrolling through these forums. My network and local connection both reflect "good" with ping times capping at 15ms. Still I see lots of tearing while scrolling. The "Auto" option is setting quality very low. Raising it doesn't change the tearing though.


you are right about the tearing however while your playing a game it doesn't seem to happen for some reason.


In games it doesn't tend to have tearing but it stutters instead. Unless its wow, in which case it tends to stutter and the screen text like quest logs have tearing around the edges.


I've had nothing but issues with the dallas server. Crappy quality and stuttering all over the place.


Ok guys I was wrong...I just now tried to play GTA 5 on the ultra Dallas server and the game ran like crap! There were several freezes lasting more than a second. The picture and sound would skip. I think the Dallas serve has some serious problems.


Yeah, man. It's the server. The last 2 weeks i've had nothing but issues with it. Super crappy quality, random freezing. I don't know when it's going to get solved. I don't want to pay for something that I can't use.


Very true I pay a damn $39.99 and if I can't play any games...no use in paying anymore.


I got it in the black friday special for 20 dollars, but still. Hopefully they fix it soon


I have idea, all of us that are connected to Dallas with problem; lets all report it to support.

EDIT: Just finished my report. Please do the same. :slight_smile:


Reported it to support as well


Support contacted me back and said they are going to forward it to the appropriate departments to get it fixed. :slight_smile: Now I just hope this is true or doesn't take forever.


I heard back from them as well and they advised they already had someone running a check on the servers.


Cool! Maybe they will find something and fix it.