Data Center Request and performance improvement


Hello, I have bought the unlimited plan and am quite happy with this, although my latency is at around70-80 ms all the time and I get very nasty lag so a data center in Scotland would be nice :slight_smile: ... I also can't play games like gta or rainbow 6 siege at ultra settings which is what I hoped for. Service is amazing, whenever you can some more Intel xeons would be appreciated xD why is there no i5s or i7s or like nvidia 3gb+ gpus btw?? Might be a noob question but many people ask..


These are server frameworks running virtual machines built with gaming in mind. It takes different hardware. For example, at home, on a personal computer, you use a regular nvidia 1080 with 2 gigs. On LS, the server framework has multiple Nvidia Grid K2 with some 16 gigs each (or something like that) that's being virtually split and dedicated amongst users. Same goes for the processors.


don't Grid K2 - GRID K280q