Data Center Selection: "Coming Soon" Error


Hello, I have managed to solve the previous problem on connection error, I just started the program with windows compatibility mode, but now the problem is another one, when I create my computer in liquid sky it asks me to select a data center but when I open The options I see: coming soon. There are no options for dialing, and when I try to continue using the "select a data center" option, the page does not advance. I do not see what to do, please, if you can help me, do it. Thank you in advance and I apologize for the problems.


You should see a list of data centers drop down and if that doesn't work; try deleting your lib folder and make LS download all it's files again. Do not run it in compatibility mode because this could also be doing harm instead of good. Also you mentioned "Dialing"...If you are actually using 56k to connect to LS; it will not work and you will have to upgrade to broadband internet.


Hi DaviRomero,
Where are you located and what datacenter are you connecting to?