Data Centre request - Perth, WA and Brisbane, QLD



I'm yet to try liquidsky(be very happy to once you let me pay!!) , but I know a heck of alot of Aussies want to. Thanks for at least having a sydney server, other guys like NVIDIA and Sony didn't even bother.

The sydney server would cover NSW and Victoria well, but it won't cover Queensland or WA.

Both queensland and WA have a high captive user base (read high usage of computer entertainment due to distance) and I am absolutely positive you will gain a high subscriber base rapidly with a server in both of these locations.

As per your FAQ, neither of these locations are under 1100 KM away from each other.

Please consider either or both once you're happy with uptake of your sydney datacentre.


at least australia has a server lol NZ doesn't even have one so I need to connect to the Syndey Server which is over 2000 km from where I am


Yeah, as I said I'm grateful liquidsky even put anyone in oceania on the map. It'd be nice though for better coverage in Australia, and New Zealand of course would be great.

Good to see that even though you're not within 1100kms of the data centre you're still able to play!


Yeah it's strange how even at that distance Liquidsky is usuable and even more than that though fps games are a no go for sure for me