[DayZ] Anyone playing DayZ on the cloud?


Any DayZ players around here?

By the way, the game runs great on LiquidSky Ultra servers. Really enjoying it.
I have about >60 FPS in the forests and about ~40 FPS in the cities using the highest quality settings.

How is your experience?


I can only confirm that!

Play only DayZ!

LiquidSky Performence: high
Running DayZ with: high settings
FXAA: normal
AA: disable
Shaddow: low/verry low
Enithing else: high/ultra

The FPS range moves between 55 (Chapaevsk or Elektrozavodsk) to 90+ (small villages/camping in nature) :wink:

Thanks to the new renderer :slight_smile:


Lol just test it in android using LiquidSky I max it out with solid 60 fps check it out and also Arma 2 and was using ultra. https://youtu.be/Xur9ycvXL3Y