Dead By Daylight


Any news on when the anti-cheat issue will be fixed for a lot of the games like Dead By Daylight and Rust? It would be greatly appreciated if someone from LS worked on fixing this issue, if they must contact the game devs and explain the situation I am sure they would be willing to work with LS to fix the issue.


We are currently well into development for creating a fix so that LiquidSky is not auto-detected by various games as a hacking/cheat tool.

However, as you can expect, it is not as simple as it looks, as what a game or company considers a cheating tool or unfair advantage by definition varies largely from developer to developer.

We will though make the effort to provide all information and updates as it becomes available both here and on our available social media/blog concerning the issue.

For now we ask that our users remain patiently, as we tirelessly work to remedy the issue.


That's is good to know Justin! Thanks!