Description of why liquidsky uses Amd


Just in case anyone missed it at the game developer's conference Liquidsky announced they would be using Amd's new vega graphics cards. If you are like me and don't quite understand why I found this interesting article that explains it.

It got me pretty excited and I thought others may enjoy it.


Thank you for this fascinaing read


I wonder though if it will be possible to jump from the new lowest tier (which will continue to use the current Nvidia grid) to the higher tier using AMD's Vega without losing installed apps.


It's simple really, Nvidia demanded a per user licence which when you account for over 1.1million users and that was the number from Ian's CES Announcement which was a few weeks back it would of sky rocketed which is why they moved to AMD


It looks like there was many reasons for the switch. Ian implied at the Gdc presentation that it was the Nvidia cards causing the frame stuttering and drops.


But the per user issue would of been a deciding factor because of that type of cost


what's the new spec for the new liquidsky pc?


High end? 8gb gpu fogot how many cores cpu has but think like 8 and 32gb ram and specs lower for other perf packages


Awesome - can't wait.