Destiny 2 Beta Optimization


Destiny 2 Beta is working great on LiquidSky. Remember to disable gamer mouse mode. I’m still playing around with the settings on gamer, but this is working fine right now. Feel free to discuss other ways to optimize!

Does Destiny 2 work for anybody? Edit: It does [Solved]
Destiny 2 on LS

Works great with a controller on android just so you all know.


Has anyone tried how high you can set the graphics and still play with 60fps on gamer plan?
You can set everything to max on pro.


With the settings I posted above, I was getting between 45-60.


Oh, okay thank you.
After looking your picture and seeing the 60 I thought you locked the FPS.
I think I will stay on pro plan.
Even though it costs double, the game looks to good at max settings.


Yeah, that was just the menu FPS. Can’t wait to sit down and actually play through the beta. Happy gaming!


anything that can be changed with nvidia to make it better?


When I want to change display resolution in Destiny2 LiquidSky just crashes with messages “InternetCoonnection Error”. Funny thing, since i can still move and shoot, but i only see the options menu since LiquidSky just froze the picture on me.


We’re working on fixing that!


Any updates on the fix for changing display resolution? I just installed Destiny 2 and I can’t change resolution, because everything just locks up.

This page helped:

Was able to change resolution manually in the config file outside of the game.


Sadly you’ll have to use that for the time being. Devs are currently focused on the new GPU upgrade/GPU driver update. But they are aware of this issue :slight_smile:


I haven’t done it for destiny 2 but the easy way I change resolution is run all the games in windowed.