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What is the best device to use with liquid sky
Want to get iPad Pro 12.9
Will liquid sky ever be available for iPad or should I go laptop route


For the time being, it’d be better to go the laptop route. The iOS client is a long ways off. The developers are focused on polishing the experience on PC and Android first before moving on to the Apple ecosystem. But it’s honestly up to you. Because an iPad is much more portable than most laptops. Generally speaking it’s better to use LS on a dedicated PC/Laptop because it’s much easier (also keyboard and mouse is superior in some cases) but you can go the mobile route if you’re willing to spend on something like a GameSir controller.


Plus due to Apple’s restrictive policy, it’s unclear if there will ever be an iOS version. How about a Windows tablet?


Will liquid sky work on Mac Pro


With Bootcamp+Windows, yes, it should. People have also launched LS successfully with W.I.N.E, you can search the forum for a how-to.