DeX and DeX MAX without the bugs


Samsung Dex station is a dock that enables your Samsung galaxy smart phone to become a pc like experience.

If we add the LiquidSky app to our android phones and run it while using the Dex station our phones have now become a very powerful windows PC.

While attempting to run LiquidSky through the Dex dock I encountered a few problems and I thought I would share my solutions to make it easier for everyone.


The first thing you will need to do before you plug your phone into the Dex station is head to the app store and get the free DeX MAX app, once installed plug your phone into the dock and you should see the Dex MAX app on the desktop if not you will find it in the apps tab.
Open DeX MAX and navigate to the EXPERT tab. Select the app you want to modify, LiquidSky, and begin the process. Once the process is complete it will ask you to uninstall the app and re-install the modified version do this BUT once complete

Remove the phone from the DeX dock and start LiquidSky on your phone, this enables android to configure the file system correctly, log into your desktop and then log out straight away.
I noticed it took a little longer for the sky computer to start after this process but after the initial start up this gets better.

Plug your phone back into the dock, start DeX MAX and open the app from there. And boom you now have Windows, Steam, Blizzard etc. running from your Galaxy Phone on a big screen.

An issue I have found is that when you need to update LiquidSky you will have to completely uninstall the app and reinstall and go through the same DeX MAX process again as the app store no longer recognises the app as a play store one


The DeX allows you to connect your USB and Bluetooth enabled devices and connect via Ethernet, also you can connect a multi USB hub to the DeX to allow extra connections.
I have a USB keyboard and mouse connected and a Bluetooth controller. If you have an external keyboard set up you will want to make sure in the settings of your phone that while a keyboard is connected (either by USB or Bluetooth) the on screen keyboard doesn’t pop up.

Even with the Dex dock we still have the android problem of mouse pass through, this is basically that you can use the mouse to select items on the LiquidSky desktop, Steam menu ETC but you can not use it to control a game characters movement. So where you can use WSAD to move Forward and Back ETC you can not use your mouse to turn.
Some might not find this a problem as you could just use your BT/Wired controller within LiquidSky, but what if you want to play a game where a controller is not supported or non configurable? Download an emulator.
There are many emulator programs out there, ones that can turn your gamepad right stick into a mouse pointer and use the left stick as WSAD, there are also others the can turn any part of your keyboard into an emulated mouse. An example is NeatMouse where with very little effort your NUM pad can act as the whole mouse, left and right buttons, scroll wheel and movement.
OK I know this is not an ideal solution but it does have some benefit.
I do not use the official Dex station, I use a third party one that has more USB connections and an Ethernet port and have found that connecting and setting up the Ethernet connection before using Dex gives a much better connection and reduces any bugs that may occur.

I hope this helps and is of some use.


It’s me again lol. I tried the steps you outlined above on my Galaxy S8, and the ethernet problem still persists. I would like to use the ethernet, as when I do it on my old laptop, the ethernet works flawlessly even though it’s an older computer. The old computer doesn’t have bluetooth though, so I can’t use my headphones.

When I run via 5ghz wifi on my phone (it’s the only device in the house on 5ghz) I can get roughly 400-600 mb/s, as I have the comcast gig internet. I would normally just stay with the wifi speeds, as for the most part the game runs really smooth.

The problem with using wifi is that every couple minutes, the game lags extremely bad (around 15 seconds or so) and when it finally catches up, I’m either dead or walked off a cliff lol. This happens no matter what game I’m playing and whether I’m using steam, origin or blizzard. I’ve tried every connection setting in the options for liquidsky and the problem never changes.

It will run absolutely beautiful and then the lag hits, ruining the whole experience.

If I could find a way to get the damn ethernet port on the Dex Dock to stop disconnecting I’d be solid.

Anyway, any other advice you can offer would be appreciated.


Awesome. I tried to do this with dex max but the screen was streatching funny. I did not try starting the app first then connecting to dex. Will try that tonight. Thank you.