Discoloration... again


This is, at least in my experience, the #1 issue with LS that prevents it from being a great experience.

almost every gaming session, I am fighting blue and yellow smears, and heavy pixelation. I rate every 9 out of 10 sessions as bad or neutral, I click on “discoloration” when I’m asked for feedback. Where is this feedback going? I don’t know. But the problem persists. It’s especially problematic with action games. You need to use quick refelxes, you need to see what’s happening around you… and then the screen turns blue, and I need to jerk my mouse all over the place to get rid of it, instead of playing the game, and then I get hammered.

Guys, can you please solve this issue? It happens at all times of day, with different games. Please. Do something.

Thank you.


Have you tried this?


Also, please provide us with the information below;

In order for us to better diagnose your issue, please provide the following information:

PC/Phone Model:
Operating System:
GPU (Graphics Card):
ISP (Internet Service Provider):
Internet Speed:
Connection Wired or Wireless?:
Current Location:
Game being played:


PC/Phone Model: Lenovo IdeaPad N581
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Processor: intel Core i3-3110M 2.4 GHZ
Memory: 8 GB
GPU (Graphics Card): 4000 HD intel integrated
ISP (Internet Service Provider): Bezeq (Israel)
Internet Speed: 100 mbs (70 in practice)
Connection Wired or Wireless?: wired
Current Location: Israel (using Frankfurt server)
Game being played: Shadow over Mordor (current), Shadow Warrior, Abzu

As for the fix posted above, i admit I didn’t try it. It looks intimidating and very technical, and the fact I have to do it every single time when starting the sky computer is a little crazy. I just want a fix to be integrated into the system, I don’t have to do this myself for a service I’m paying for.



HI Lior4,

For now you need to do this on your SkyComputer. Our devs will be integrating this fix as per what was posted on the link below by Morgan.


OK, I applied this fix but it made no difference whatsoever. I’m still getting pixelation and yellow and blue smeared screen.

So you have no solution to this problem? I posted my specs above as requested but go no feedback.



Hi @Lior4,

Nothing seems to be wrong with your hardware but I checked right now and it could be more due to the distance that you have to the Frankfurt data center since you are 3000kms away from it.


OK, yeah, I’m located in Israel.

So basically you are saying I will have to live with this issue if I wanna use the service? That there is nothing that can be done?



It happens to me also. You will have to move the mouse very fast in order for the discoloration to disappear.
I think LS was using a different compression method back in 1.0 but got changed (take it as a grain of salt)

It seems some users have this problem and some don’t. I think even though the minimum specs are meet (Intel HD 4000), the CPU just can’t keep up at certain times…

Low bandwidth 0.06

Yes, I move the mouse really fast. That’s the band-aid I’ve been using. It keeps happening and I keep doing it, rinse and reapet… possibly doing it about a dozen times in a 1 hour session.
I wish LS would find a way to solve it. If this is meant as a global service then distance from server should be accounted for.


It has nothing to do with distance it is almost completely up to quality of service. I access the Washington datacentre from melbourne australia and have never ran into discolorization, but I have played around with Liquidsky enough that if I handicap my bandwidth, basically set the slider to 10mbps but limit my bandwidth to 5mbps the discolorization happens and that is the only way I have ever had it happen.


Yes, I think it happens if either your bandwidth drops for a split second, or the video stream exceeds your max bandwidth. It’s reproducable for me if I’m you’re e.g. running a scene with fog effects, which really hurt the compression algorithm, and therefore require a lot more bandwidth than usual. On the other hand. it never happened to me on Android so far, so it seems this is an issue with the pc client.


Did a bit of digging and dug up an old example I did.


Yeah, I remember that topic. :slight_smile:


One of the comments above implied the problem may be because of distance from server, since my specs look fine.

Now you say it’s not due to the distance from server…

I usually play on the mid-range quality setting, and get consistent 60-70 FPS. Sometimes it drops to 40 or below and then I either give it a few minutes or I lower the setting temporarilly which seems to fix the issue.

But this has no effects on pixelization and discoloration. That happens in any quality setting. The FPS drop happens only rarely and is managable. The discoloration is a persistent and ubiqtious problem.

The Liquidsky experience is usually very smooth for me. I have very fast internet and get high FPS across the board.
But the discoloration just ruins it.
It’s more than a visual eye-sore, it affects gameplay in a big way, especially in action games, where you have to react fast and be aware of what’s happening around you.

I’m not a tech-hound. I know my basic stuff. If I was a tech hound, I would build my own gaming PC and would not require cloud gaming. LS is a service that is supposed to be for people who just want to play high-end games on their basic PC’s without worrying too much about tech stuff. But instead of hardware/software issues, we just have internet/streaming/bandwidth issues. If I am spending my time with tech issues instead of using the service, then what is the point…
Frankly, I am dissappointed this has been going on for months and there is no good solution to this problem. Even just reducing it by 50% would be great step forward.


P.S: How do you take snapshots of the screen in LS during a game? I want to post some images here so you can see how bad it is.


You can either install Greenshot in your SkyComputer, or simply hit the record button in the floating menu. That’s probably even better.


I just took photos of the screen.


Here’s a test I did ages ago to easily set your bandwidth slider. It’s kinda old but still works if I’m having any issues.

It could also be due to packet loss which involves even more tricky stuff to isolate that issue.


DimMonkey, I appreciate you taking the time to try to help.
I will read that thread throughly later and see what I can apply, although I’m not sure I 100 percent understand all the terms being bandied about.
I’m game (no pun intended) to do what is needed in order to fix this, but as I mentioned, my tech expertise only go so far. I’m not a computer guy.

I will take screenshots (or videos) in my next gaming session, so we can have a visual benchmark to what I am talking about. Be warned: it’s not pretty.



No problem man.

The easy test is put the slider down to 3mbps and if everything works fine each playsession it is working fine move it up 1mbps until it starts to discolorize then step it back 1 and leave it there.