Discoloration... again


Ok, I played around with the slider a bit. Seems like it’s slightly better at around 5-8 mbs but it still happens fairly regularly. Any lower than that and the quality isn’t worth it.
When I lower the bitrate there’s less blue/yellow smears and more just extensive loss of pixels. Just pixelation and white patches on the screen.
I also experienced FPS drops along the way. I noticed that when FPS in LS drops to 40-45, it’s equivalent to 20-25 on my PC. The stutter is enormous. So I am guessing 60 fps is actually more like 30.

Honestly I do not understand how this works. You have the presets, for example there’s 14 mbs, 30 fps, but I’m getting 60… but it doesn’t behave like 60. Is it 30? What is the relation there? Am I seeing real data? Do the video settings in the game itself have any meaning at all, or is the only thing that counts is the band width?

So, bottom line, lowering the mbs slide helps a bit, but not significantly. Even lowering to 5 I still had the issue.
I could not find how to do a screen capture in LS, so I just clicked the red thingie and recorded video. But I’ll have to edit it since it was pretty long.



Alright, so, first off, I’ll be happy to know how you guys are able to post screenshots and videos in this forum, since I could not find a way to export the videos I made outside of the virtual computer.
I did do Alt+print screen during the gameplay but when I tried to copy it after finishing it didn’t take.

But more importantly and curiously, the videos I made do not show the pixelation I experienced. Other than some stutter, they look just fine. Also, when I was playing, I was constantly going to the menu and adjusting the bit rate to show the differences, that also was not recorded at all.

So basically, I got nothing to show. :frowning:


This proves that the discoloration is happening in the client on your pc. The screen recording is done on your SkyPC, therefore it’s looking fine. And all stuttering from the stream won’t show on your local pc either.

So you’ll either have to do the recording on your local pc e.g. with OBS, or you take out your phone, and take a photo/record a video with it.


Hmmm. Thanks.

So if we narrowed it down to the client on my PC, what are my options in tackling the problem? Why is it happening?


That’s the question. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff on my end, played with the settings of my local Intel HD gpu, changed all sorts of stuff in my SkyPC, but it’s still happening. I guess we need to wait for a fix to the PC client. LS staff are aware of the issue, and AFAIK they’re working on it.

No idea when a fix will be rolled out, though, because they have more streaming issues to fix. The streamer.exe is causing some trouble, like low stream performance during peak time, or the random disconnects during gameplay. And then there’s the local pc client with the discoloration bug. Which on the other hand only seems to affect some users.

Until that happens, I’ll stick with the mouse shake solution. So if you happen to encounter a violently twitching Blue Squire in Fortnite - that’s me, fixing discoloration. :wink:


Well, I admire your patience in this. I wish I could be so laidback about it.

Often I ask myself, what is worse, playing with 25 fps on my computer with zero discoloration and pixelation, or playing with a higher frame rate (60? I don’t know if it’s 60, but it’s certainly better) on LS, but suffer the discoloartion.
The only reason I go back to LS is because the answer is usally that at least with discoloration it’s playable. But I feel it really depends on the type of game you are playing. If I was not playing action games where the twitch factor is so important, I would probably not bother using the service, even if I got low frame rate.

Having said that, I think that if you didn’t let me know about the jerky mouse method I would’ve abandoned LS a long time ago. Because at least there is SOMETHING we can do.


I had the full Windows 95 experience back in the 90s, so I can take a lot. :wink:
No seriously, it’s not that bad IMO. It may depend on all sorts of stuff, like network connection quality, network speed, cpu/gpu type, server load, or all of these combined. But I don’t get it more than once or twice per match, and sometimes I don’t see it at all, so it’s bearable for me.


Well, I get it about a dozen times during a typical 1 hour session. So it’s really distracting.


Have you tried to toggle hardware acceleration? I’m getting less discoloration without it, but a lot of lag instead, so I’m keeping it switched on.


Well, I was sure it was switched off, but last night when I checked, it turned out it was on again. So I switched it off.
I don’t know anymore.